Chronically Unimpressed
The main problems I have with those who are occupying wall street:

How many of them do you think are actually looking for jobs? How many of them do you think would take a job as a waiter or a retail worker? None of them. That’s why they’re unemployed. They don’t want to do anything but what their degree is in. Retail and fast food is “below them.” If they stopped complaining and got a job, maybe then they could get some work experience so they could get a job in their field. But instead they are protesting and not even taking action in any way, shape, or form.

Also, they are violent. People who walk past them are getting harassed. Cops are getting harassed by the protesters, but the cops are not harassing them. Stop being violent and maybe take actual action.

But you guys just wanna stand around with signs. Good job. That’s totally going to change the world.